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Vellappam and Stew

on December 14, 2014

Supriya Bhat

Supriya Bhat

Hello friends, This is a guest post by my dear friend “Supriya Bhat” . She resides in Mangalore with her family and is dentist by profession, However being busy with her routine life she always finds time to cook wonderful delights for her family 🙂 and even maintain her blog, She also says she her style is mainly Mangalorean and Amchi or Konkani style learnt from her Mom.

When I asked her to write a guest post for my blog, she gave me this recipe and told its an awesome and a tasty recipe despite of some little work involved in making it 😉 That was really sweet of her to share her recipe with us, Isn’t it ? 🙂 . So here it goes 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy making the Vellappam step by step with Supriya bhat 🙂



1 cup    – White rice ( my cup/measure is usually a drinking tumbler measuring 175 ml).

1/4 cup – Cooked white rice

Coconut milk extracted from half of one half of a coconut. When you break a coconut, you get 2 halves. So half of one half of a coconut. If the coconut is very small, you can use entire one half. I ve used thick extract to make the batter. I got coconut milk of around 3/4th cup. I have refrigerated the thin extract just in case I might require it to add to the batter to get the required consistency.

DRY YEAST – 1/2 a teaspoon

SUGAR – 1/2 a teaspoon


COCONUT MILK – extracted from 1 coconut

POTATOES – 1 Chopped in squares

ONIONS – 1 sliced

CINNAMON – a tiny one, probably a cm long

CLOVE – just one




1. Grind the rice, cooked rice with coconut milk. Do not add entire quantity of coconut milk at once. In that case, the end result will be course. What we require is a smooth fine paste. So keep adding it little by little. Grind it with the thick extract. Keep aside or refrigerate the thin extract

2. The batter should nt be as thick as an Urad based dosa, nor as thin as a neerdosa. It should be of pourable consistency.

3. Mix half a teaspoon of yeast in two tablespoon lukewarm water. Yes I repeat it again. LUKEWARM water! If the water is very hot, the yeast won’t survive. Add the same quantity of sugar as the yeast, half a teaspoon. Keep it covered for 15 minutes.

4. Add the mixture to the batter and keep it overnight for fermentation.


1. Extract thick as well as thin coconut milk.

2. Boil the onions and potatoes in the thin extract. Cover the pan so that the potatoes get cooked.

3. Add cinnamon, clove, salt and green chilly and bring to a boil. Add the thick extract and do not boil for a long time after the addition.


When I first saw Vellappam, I wondered how laborious a task it might  be until I saw my Mother-in-law making them. It is actually fun making them. Simple and easy. I was impressed. All you need is a nonstick and yes, no oil required.

1. You need a nonstick appam pan. Just heat it. You get an appam pan, just for making these yummies. Its not a flat pan, Its kind of spherical where the batter you pour gets collected in the center.

2. When sufficiently heated, pour a ladleful in the center of the pan. Hold the pan on the sides and just swirl till the batter conforms to the pan like a circle.

3. When you keep the pan back in the flame, the batter again gets collected in the center and the edges are thin. Now that explains why these beauties are thick in the center and thin at the periphery.

4. Cover and cook. Open the lid and just prick the centre with a fork to check its cooked.


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