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Chicken Green Masala

on December 19, 2012


Chicken, cut into medium pieces : 1kg
Coriander leaves, chopped : 4cups
Onions, chopped : 2cups
Green chillies : 15-20
Garlic cloves : 20
Ginger, 1 inch piece : 2
Peppercorns : 1tbsp
Coriander seeds : 1tsp
Cumin seeds : 2tsp
Fenugreek seeds : 1/2tsp
Turmeric powder : 1/2tsp
Poppy seeds : 1tsp
Cloves : 4
Cinnamon, 1 inch piece : 1
Cardamom : 4
Ghee : 4tbsp
Chopped tomatoes : 2cups
Butter : 1tbsp
Salt to taste

Grind all the ingredients from coriander leaves to cardamom to a fine paste. Fry onions till golden brown, add the ground paste and fry for 10min on a low flame. Add tomatoes, chicken, salt and cook till done. Put off the flame and add 1tbsp of butter. Serve hot with Ghee rice.


6 responses to “Chicken Green Masala

  1. sareena says:

    Hey Shwetha… thank u for the recipe,, tried it today and it came out pretty good.. it was not spicy but u know u can feel the masala flavour too much.. m not sure how to reduce that…. m very new to cooking actually.. 😛 can u plz help me!! do i add yogurt to soothen the taste?

    • shwetamith says:

      Hello.. am glad u liked it.. Well, This recipe is for 1kg chicken, how much did u use? Maybe a little cream or yoghurt can soothen it. It came out quite well when i did it.

      • sareena says:

        I used 2 Kg chicken with pretty much the masala as specified for 1 kg chicken.. i think i will ad some yogurt to soothen the taste of it… 😉 anyways thank u soo much… Do u have any egg masala dishes??? 😉

  2. shwetamith says:

    Okie.. next time when u do it, make masala for like 1.5kg of chicken if u using 2kg.. it will taste better 🙂 egg dishes will post soon… 🙂

    • Sareena says:

      Cool thanks shwetha,,, I prepare this regular egg dish you must ve seen it on Facebook 😛 but I would love to try if you have something special 🙂 thanks once again,,,

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